BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Alexandra O'Fearraigh

Alexandra O'Fearraigh

Major Project - Crann Glás

The headlines scream warnings to us about climate change. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels and changes in weather patterns are just a few of the consequences that are already evident. As a mother of 3 young children I worry about their future. What will the world be like for them and their children? Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change. Ireland once had forests that covered around 80% of the land, but today it has the lowest rate in Europe - just 11%. The Irish government are already 60% behind in their plans to reforest Ireland, which could mean serious consequences for the future generations who will be left to look after the planet. How ironic for a country called the Emerald Isle! So I decided to develop a local reforestation centre. Something to inspire children and their parents to make changes, learn about climate and give them the tools to make a difference. My solution included a website and other educational resources. My aim was to inspire and educate children, and through them, their families as well. So my approach was fun, encouraging and uplifting, at a local and national level. I created characters to appeal to my target audience and used them as a tool to communicate in a language they would understand.

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Crann Glas Logo

Crann Glás characters
Crann Glás reusable coffee cups

Local advertisements for summer camp

Mock-up of Instagram posts

Crann Glas Website video

Mock-up of Crann Glás website
Crann Glás forestry map

Crann Glas Merchandise

Crann Glas Reusable Bags

ISTD - Eddie Stone Lighthouse

Finding the enchanting and historic stories from the Eddie Stones Lighthouse, off the coast of Plymouth, inspired me to design a book to celebrate the many lighthouses that stood on those rocks and the countless lives they saved. The book, which is divided by chapters depending on the architecture, is never short of a fascinating story. Making use of nautical chart lines and the dark navy colouring to represent the dark sea, I was able to create a consistent graphic language which flowed through the book.

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Eddie Stones Lighthouse
Front and back cover


Spreads from the publication