BA (Hons) Animation

Sailing the Dream

While waiting for his food to cook, a man dreams of sailing the seas. But he comes across a discovery. The story begins with a man is in his kitchen cooking some food. He then goes to the sitting room and watch tv. He stumbles upon a boat advertisement and daydreams about sailing the high seas. He sails through the sea only for fog to cover the sea and hinder his view. He looks through his telescope only to find some jagged rocks up ahead. He freaks out as the ship collides. The man washes up on the shore of an island and sees his boat sinking. He decides to trek through the jungle and eventually he comes across a barrel. However, he is ambushed as two big guards emerge from the trees and surround him. He charges towards the tall one only to be grabbed by him and thrown against a tree. He gets up and charges towards the other guard who is much larger He kicks him, sending him flying towards the other guard. He laughs and opens the barrel. However, he is hit with a blast of steam. The man wakes up, entranced by the smell of curry being cooked. He heads over and lowers the heat before serving and eating it.

Final Film - Sailing the Dream


Character design
Kitchen background
Jungle background
Sample storyboard panels