BA Graphic & UX Design

ISTD – Big Data

My project for ISDT was to create a book focused on Big Data as a graphic design project. Following extensive research, I initiated the design process with the goal of producing engaging and visually appealing content that is both informative and easy to digest for readers. I chose to apply the concept of the line and kept the colour scheme in black and white, as it best fit the theme of Big Data. The simple and clear aesthetic of black and white lines helped to make the complex subject more accessible and visually appealing. I select the font that complements the Big Data aesthetic, opting for a more computer-like appearance.

Overview of the book
Cover page
Book spread: Data collection
Book spread: Chapter page – The start of social media
Book spread: How much data/Facebook

Work placement

I created a digital brochure to advertise the house in my latest work placement project by the Real Media group in the Colab. This brochure features a single house. The primary focus was on showcasing the buildings, so the design strategy intentionally remained simple. The brochure effectively highlights the unique features and architectural beauty of the property through its emphasis on the images. This design ensures that the focus remains on the buildings while providing a suitable background. I enjoyed working on this project because I was able to incorporate a lot of pictures.

Mobile version of digital leaflet
Desktop version digital leaflet