PGDip/MA in UX Design & Applied Innovation

Zoo Negara App

For this project I was tasked with redesigning a existing poorly designed UI. I chose the Zoo Negara, Malaysia. This was the first tourist attraction I visited when I first went to Kuala Lumpur, so it was always a place I felt emotionally connected to. My passion lies in working on products that I can connect to on emotional and spiritually level. My specialism lies in design and innovation so I was excited to rejuvenate the Zoo platform. This was currently very poorly designed, outdated website with low quality aesthetics and difficult navigation which was apparent in the booking ticket flow. For my final app I created I totally revitalized the asthetics using a fun, family friendly theme that consisted of a fresh pallet and layout with a emphasis on images not text. I also redesigned the user flow for a customer to book a ticket, making it easy to follow, scannable and digestible to the user. The final outcome is a fun, fresh and friendly design that showcases what a wonderful place Zoo Negara is to visit.

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Poster promoting the Zoo Negara App to showcase the discovery aspect of the experience
Poster promoting the new user friendly ticket booking system on the app

Smart Water App

For this UI project I had to work with a client which I decided would be Smart Water Project, that aims to help rural communities manage their water source and plan for a sustainable future in East Africa. The organisation work with local leaders to keep water flowing and installed bespoke sensors and cloud computing tech to equip local leaders with real time data. Their current platform is rather complex, difficult to digest, poor navigation and unappealing aesthetics. I gave the current app a redesign, creating a fresh, scannable, user friendly interface with simple navigation. The data was made easily digestible to the user in a simple to use application where data was at the forefront. Reducing the clicks, complexity and using images rather than text where possible. The result is a platform that’s clearly laid out, efficient to use, and aesthetically pleasing. The challenge of this project was making data pleasing on the eye and where the user could scan and be made aware of updates within a 2 minute time frame. A great deal of user testing took place in order to create an effective prototype. This was a short and challenging project but one that produced a great concept for a worthy cause.

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Poster showcase promoting the Smart Water app