BA Graphic & Digital Design

Typographic Practice

I started this adventure in Graphic & Digital Design with limited experience, and have since learned a great deal during this course. I value simplicity and detail in my designs. I try to provide a fresh perspective and an innovative approach for every project. Project 1 & 2: Typography Practice, I chose Black Lives Matter and Recycling as my themes. I used typographic interpretation, creativity, and control, and utilised hierarchy and rigorous attention to typographic detail in my designs.

I used typography to help express the required actions by using different months of the year. I addressed different types of recycling on each page,and organised them by categories
Recycling paper: month of March on a calendar. I have put all different recycling instructions in order, using different colours on each page
Green for recycling glass: month of April on a calendar
Red for recycling plastic: month of June on a calendar
Campaign of protest: Black Lives Matter. I tried to show a keyhole of a prison door, representing the incarceration of many innocent Black Americans

Project work: Wayfinding / Packaging / Brand Identity / Graphic Language

Project 1: In the wayfinding design project, I created a brand and a graphic language to highlight places of interest in Letterkenny. Project 2: I enjoyed redesigning the packaging of Penn State Pretzels. I tried to give this brand a contemporary, modern look by using vibrant warm colours and showing the contents with a transparent window on the front of the package. Project 3: The “Unlock” project focused on improving student engagement through learning analytics, partnership, co-designed intervention, and ensuring sustainability. The logo I created has the look and feel of a jigsaw puzzle. I utilized the jigsaw to convey the idea that students and staff are part of something greater, with the tagline “Let’s do this together”. Project 4: I created three stamps for three Irish poets, referencing their poems. The poems all have themes of nature and flowers in common. I used a three-colour swatch for each stamp, colours that reflect the poems, and a font colour that mirrors the fruits and flowers. All poets are depicted in the same blue colour to make it uniform. This semester, I have learned a lot during my work placement at Bradley: The Brand Agency in Dublin. I enjoy branding and I can’t wait to learn more in my future as a graphic designer.

Letterkenny Wayfinding
Penn State Pretzels packaging redesign
Unlock Brand Identity
Irish poet themed postage stamps
Campaign brand identity for Ireland Neutral 2050