BA Fashion Design with Promotion

Dare to Howl - Twists ‘n’ Thoughts Collection

My brand Dare to Howl values individuality, tolerance and acceptance, and works hard to honour those who didn’t make it on the journey. It understands the importance of freedom from anguished thoughts and negativity. It was Inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl and the first line that could have been written today; “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness” The theme for the collection was freedom, My interpretation of freedom is release, rebirth, growth and empowerment; Release from the trappings of society, its uniformed robotic world and the pressures to conform in it. Rebirth and growth, away from the anxieties that playing a part in this society brings. Empowerment to express oneself in a way that highlights individuality and celebrates difference. The collection ‘Twist n Thoughts’ was inspired by what runs through the mind as one seeks freedom, a mind that is swirling in a turmoil of twists and thoughts. Braids feature in the designs as they are a perfect metaphor for a mind in turmoil. As for the fabric, there could be no other choice but taffeta, it’s Persian meaning ‘twisted woven’ links perfectly with the theme.