PGDip/MA in UX Design & Applied Innovation

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Marvel Snap UI Redesign

Marvel Snap is a fun and challenging game based on the Marvel Universe. To advance in the game, players must make matches between various cards portraying well-known superheroes and villains on various levels. Players get points as they go and may add new characters to their collection by unlocking them. Marvel Snap is the ideal game for both casual and die-hard Marvel fans, with entertaining visuals and engaging action gameplay. As a UI designer, my current goal is to convert an application's mobile UI into a PC UI version. The design must be modified to adjust for a greater screen size and different user interaction methods. Through a thorough analysis of user behavior, combined with an understanding of PC design principles, I was able to create a seamless transition from the mobile application to the desktop experience. A thorough description of the entire UI redesign process and the final output is provided in the below video.

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Culture Quest

The main obstacle we wanted to solve with our project is to find a way to educate children about various cultures that exist in our world. Schools often do not suit every child and they can get quite bored or uninterested due to the static way of reading an enormous amount of information, over and over again. Games are often a good tool for children’s education. The first advantage of games is that they are fun and engaging, which encourages kids to become more immersed and motivated in their studies. By playing games that provide them with quick feedback, kids may learn from their mistakes and make changes immediately. Games can also help kids improve their problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities since they require them to overcome difficult obstacles and make independent choices. Our product concept is a VR game created from a variety of short mini-games that teach kids about the cultures of different countries. Instead of making the game completely open world (online); the co-op will be limited to 4 kids. The mini games will incorporate different elements of the culture. For example, the cooking game would introduce kids to food from different cultures.

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