BA Graphic & Digital Design

Guinness Storehouse graphics

For work placement, as part of the second semester of third year, I worked remotely for Hen’s Teeth – a gallery, store, studio, and café in Blackpitts, Dublin. As part of my work placement, I worked on a general mix of graphics for the store, as well as on client briefs for the studio. One of the client briefs I worked on was a series of murals for the employee lounge (The Hub), canteen and two adjacent hallway walls in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The brief involved creating a range of artworks that would bring colour and life to the walls, with the aim of inspiring the employees. The driving idea behind the artworks was to use imagery and iconography relating to the Dublin 8 area where the Storehouse is situated, as well as graphics relating to Guinness itself. Some of the imagery included St. James’ Gate, the old Guinness railways and the Gravity Bar. To accompany these artworks, I used stacked, geometric shapes and hand-drawn textures to further bring life to the walls. These mock-ups are an example of work that was sent to Guinness.

The Hub 1
The Hub 2
The Hub 3
The Hub 4
Canteen 1
Canteen 2
Main Hallway 1
Main Hallway 2
Employee Hallway 1
Employee Hallway 2