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Impact - Confronting the demons within. The film centres around a young woman battling anxiety and depression. Dark creatures symbolize her fears and worries, following her every move. When asked if she's OK, she enters a dream-like state where the creatures become increasingly prominent, making it harder for her to cope. The young woman’s journey teaches her the importance of reaching out for support. The film concludes on a hopeful note as she takes the first steps toward healing and recovery. Impact is a powerful depiction of anxiety and depression's effects on individuals, emphasizing the significance of seeking help and prioritizing mental health.

Final Film - Impact


The young woman's inner strength in the form of an angel coming to help
The mind curser approaching with his demons taunting the girl as it mutates and grows to attack her mind
The young woman wakes
Comfort and healing
Character designs for the Mom
Character designs of the Mind Curser
Character designs of the young woman

Portfolio work

Character designs for "The grudge fight"
“Man down” moment before he takes his skydiving jump
“Man down” skydiving lesson scene
Chiara the Ballerina character concept sheet
“Monsterssori “ stylescreen
“Monsterssori“ Baby Nessie Character sheet
“Monsterssori“ Baby Bigfoot Character sheet
“Monsterssori“ Baby An Phiast Character sheet
“A Game of Life or Death” Background Design
Convict and Queen character designs
Mental Health Awareness piece
Landscape illustration of space
Landscape illustration of a forest fire
My Grandmother and Grand Uncle
3D Environment Design
3D commemoration monument of a soldier. However, the soldier had been forced into war where much blood was drawn which is depicted by the red fabric draped over the statue