BA Graphic & Digital Design

Body Positivity Publication

My major project visualizes the current issue and the body positivity movement. The goal was to express diversity of shapes and sizes by the use of typography, and to visualize it in an aesthetically pleasing way. The book could be seen as a protest against inequality and body shaming. My target audience is very broad as I have chosen women between 20-50 years old. The reason behind it was my observation of women who I am surrounded by on daily basis. Younger women are bombarded with very specific beauty standards coming from social media, and not following the trends results in not feeling comfortable in their own bodies causing lack of confidence at the same time. The project might be also relatable to older women, who very often experience the changes that their age brings along, especially after having kids, what most of the time means that they no longer feel beautiful which can impact their sense of self-worth.

Spread from Body Positivity Publication
Spread from Body Positivity Publication

College projects & work placement projects

My work presented here includes a range of college projects and also my personal experimentations with character design and icon design from my work placement.

Spread from Super Heroes Publication
Spread from Super Heroes Publication
Carbon Neutral Poster
Unlock Poster
Character design
Irish Symposium 2022 Postage Stamps
Icon design - Work placement at Wurkhouse
Icon design - Wayfinding project