BA (Hons) Animation

Mystical Mythology

Milo discovers a wood full of Irish folklore creatures. Milo is a young boy who is fascinated by Irish mythology and has a special book based on these creatures/myths. However, he stumbles upon the Banshee learning that she exists, He is frightened and runs away deeper into the forest. As he runs the forest gets more thorny as warning of danger. He stumbles across what he thinks is a horse but is a kelpie which are known for drowning people. It lures milo into a trance, and he almost drowns but the banshee ends up saving him. They talk and leave the woods together, becoming unlikely friends.

Final Film


Banshee character sheet
Milo character sheet
Milo reading
Title card

Portfolio work

Art logo
Demon chilling
Wizzo the Wizard character design idea