BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Major Project - Anois

At the beginning of this project, we were given the word ‘Stability’ to build a project around. Research led me to look at environmental activism and I delved into our relationship with climate change. I discovered that there is a lack of respect from (some) older people towards young people and their concerns for the environment are often dismissed. Anois aims to give children a voice and seeks to improve communication between adults and children on climate matters. We want to be the go-to organisation for young people and educational institutions in Ireland. We provide an educational tool to help improve knowledge and encourage participation from both children and adults in changing behaviours when it comes to caring for the environment. We like to see ourselves differently from most activist organisation as we like to have fun, and not take ourselves too seriously. Our lessons are delivered in a humorous yet informative way, meaning that students will have great craic in the classroom. We strive to positively affect every household in Ireland and push for societal change, because If we don’t change now, when will we?

View website prototype
The logo and graphic language convey a fun brand identity
The Anois website allows users to sign up a school for our lesson plan
These biodegradable retro inspired stickers reflect the brand’s identity whilst staying true to our beliefs around environmental matters
The Anois brand is very vocal when it comes to political matters
It’s what we do that defines us, but what we wear helps. Our tees are ethically produced and built to last a long time
Anois loves to use Irish phrases!
A sticker featuring Sunny. He’s kind of like an older brother, except cool
Say no to plastic bags! Our tote bags will last a lifetime. Plus, you’ll look the part
Students are awarded the ‘Eco Warrior ’kit upon completing our one week course. The kit contains goodies to help graduates to keep fighting the good fight
Advertising with a call to action
Successful participants in the Anois lesson program receive a certificate of completion. The hope is to inspire future generations to act on climate matters

ISTD - A Colourful Story

I chose to explore and interpret ‘A Colourful Story’ from the set of ISTD briefs. ‘The Colour of Fear’ is a critical analysis of how the colour of black is intertwined with modern America. The project aims to explore how media portrays an often negative outlook – stoking fear and anxiety in the reader. Fear is something that we can feel through the news, through political narratives or through the pressures of capitalist society – particularly in such a divided nation like America. The main themes discussed revolve around social issues, political unrest, racial and economic division and how media propagates a sense of fear in a culture many see as the focal point of the western world. The 3 chapters contained within are Black, Fear and Consumerism, with each chapter featuring a news article or excerpt from a book discussing relevant views or information regarding topics of fear in U.S.A. I believe the eclectic collection of stories from various media outlets closely echo the real life layout and narrative from newspapers. There are large collage images used throughout to create a sense of being overwhelmed. Imagery used often blocks out the person eye with a black rectangle – again this is a nod to the theme, whilst also adding a sense of fear to the subject.

The front cover depicting an abstract shape in black
Upon opening, the true meaning behind the black shape is exposed by revealing a collage of fear inducing words taken from thefront pages of newspapers
Fear can make us panic
Engaging with division in America through typography
Chapter 2 explores fear. There is a sense of chaos and panic with a heavy emphasis on the colour black
The vast white space between us and them signifies the division in society
An objective analysis shows us the amount of fear found on the front pages of popular American newspapers. Pictured here is the L.A Times on 17th January 2022
Columns of text mimic columns from graphs around terrorism in the U.S.
Chapter 3 explores consumerism and America’s obsession with wealth. Note the use of collage
Consumerism as religion: I wanted to create a biblical scene using blocks of text to represent disciples worshipping a cross of consumerism
Showcasing key segments from The Colour of Fear