BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Generation Eiru

Society in Ireland is seen as an equality safe zone for the genders. The Marriage bar is long gone, we have bodily autonomy, and we even have laws in place to protect our equality. Yet it is important to recognise that our equality was fought for. This project is a campaign for young teenagers in Ireland, with goals to educate and empower them. Allow them to learn how equality came to be in Ireland and who was part of it. Society in Ireland is still not perfect, and it is important for the youth to see areas that can still be improved on. Through knowledge comes power, through power comes change. Through educating the youth they can see examples of people who have taken matters into their own hands, and with this they can do the same.

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A poster showcasing one of the key people in Irish history; Bernadette Devlin. Accompanied by a quote and ac all to action back to the website.
A social media story inviting the audience to learn more about key people at the website. A swipe up link to the website is available.
All posters emply a visually complimentary graphic language and can be used together in any combination.
An Instagram carousel displaying specific posts relating to website content.
A digital motion graphics display.
A leaflet introducing the brand and giving a concise overview of the content that is available on the website. Accompanied by a QR code that leads to the website.
The landing page of the website.

RSA – Everhouse

Everhouse was the solution to the challenge of making intergenerational connections with sustainability at the heart of the project. I focused on the elderly and immigrant communities within my local areas. Via skill and culture sharing between these two groups, the connection is to grow with a common goal in mind; learning and sustainability. With a garden, a market, a café and learning spaces, Everhouse aims to supply areas for the audience to have control over – whether it be gardening classes or music nights. An example of a circular economy, Everhouse also aims to be self-sustainable within a four phase model.

An overview of the community gardens at Everhouse where people can work together and lend helping hands.
Communal composting stations for waste management and to help with the fertilisation of the gardens.
Open spaces for the community to hold activities – leisure or educational.
Communal recycling centre to encourage eco-friendly behaviour and upcycling.
An audience suggested outdoor social area with tea and coffee to encourage the community to come together.
An example of the wayfinding found within Everhouse.