BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

We Are

Women have been discriminated against throughout history and in the present day. Young women are afraid to be ambitious due to how powerful women in the media are treated. There is a lack of female role models in many young women’s lives. “We Are” is an initiative aimed towards 16+ year old girls/ young women. This campaign aims to give girls of all backgrounds the confidence and help they need to achieve their goals.

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The website aims to inform the audience of the initiative. Here, readers can find themselves reading stories of women of the past and present. One can sign up to be a Mentor, mentoring or signing up your class for workshops. Through this site, one can sign up or login to the add on “We Are Chat” which eliminates GDPR issues between minors due to the ability to monitor the application.
Showcasing the app: how one can communicate with their mentor and be able to chat and meet new friends through the community hub.
A main deliverable was a book. The cover is composed of a graphic and caption at the back. The front cover is a graphic of an abstract sun as if it is shining light on the subject itself: discrimination against women.  
An introduction spread to a character – Frida Kahlo. The illustration captures her cultural clothing and quirky style of art.  
A spread of Frida Kahlo’s story. It is important to display a quote that captures the character of the woman. She speaks of paint metaphorically as she is an artist. 
Introduction spread of Queen/King Hatshepsut. This illustration piece captures the love of cats by Egyptians along with her head piece which symbolizes her success and wealth as a Pharoah. Her cloak allows her to appear powerful. 

ISTD – Invisible Memories

I chose to explore the brief 5 “The Spaces Between” from ISTD 2023. I explored the theme of Dementia which led me to narrow my topic down to Alzheimer’s Disease. With Alzheimer’s I found a space between the science and progression of the disease which is the lived experience. Many know what Alzheimer’s is, however they don’t really know what the disease really entails other than memory loss. This publication aims to inform readers about the harsh reality of Alzheimer’s. The lived experience is often forgotten about, where carers are often the hidden victim to the disease.

Showcasing the effects of Alzheimer’s with typography. The text demonstrates one with the disease, who is in denial of the disease as they are terrified – their mind slowly slipping away.  
Pulling out keywords from body text – allows for the dissection of the subjects within the text for readers. Highlighting keypoints allows the readers to easily digest information.
This spread demonstrates imagery with text, and how the imagery can aid information presented to us. The aim is to help one understand the science more with images, which allows one to memorise information more effectively.