BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Shanice Whoriskey

Shanice Whoriskey

Major Project - Leva

Everyone knows about the mainstream treatments for their mental health; however they don’t always work for everyone. So, I wanted to highlight alternative treatments used for different mental health illnesses and when doing my research I realised a few of these overlapped with spiritual and physical health as well. Having had problems with my own mental health in recent times I really wanted to focus down on this, and I hoped the project would be beneficial to me as well. I wanted to create a platform where people could have access to all this information, so I designed website to house the information. I didn’t want to come across as very clinical, I was hoping to make the identity more friendly welcoming and honest. As my main target audience was between the ages of 18 to 45 I wanted to create engaging social media posts that would help the target audience and also get them to share and interact with the brand.

View website prototype 1View website walkthrough
A display of the variety of the social media posts designed to engage the audience
How the website appears on screen

Leva website walkthrough

A first look at the home page of the website
Looking at the layout of the mental health pages, in this page we look at depression
Here we see the layout of one of the alternative healing pages, I have tried to keep this layout consistent throughout the webpages
This is the journal page, where you can read up on current articles look into different exercises and read through case studies that were published. This page has a slightly different look to the others as I feel it is separate to the rest of the website, but I still want edit to match with the brand identity

Leva advertisement

Posters that show variation between the use of illustration and photography
Sweatshirts that are part of the brands merchandise used to create more awareness
Tote bag front and back. Trying to spread a more positive message in looking after your mental health and others
A more illustrative approach on the tote bags. Provides a variation for the audience - they choose which style they prefer

ISTD - The Custodians of Flannan Isle Lighthouse

I chose to do my project on Lighthouses as it was something close to home as My grandad and my father had both worked on the lighthouses in my area. From my research on Lighthouses I found Flannan Isle Lighthouse, which had an interesting story about the disappearance of the Lighthouse keepers. For this project I wanted to commemorate the story of the custodian of the Flannan Isle lighthouse. I created a book which told the stories of Flannan Isle and the speculation of their disappearance. I tried to grab the attention of the reader and use engaging bite size pieces of text as not to overload the reader with information. I created my book in a specific size to reflect the Logs that would have been kept in the Lighthouse at this era which is referred to in the text. My target audience was for those with a keen interest in conspiracy theories, but it was also directed at those from the surrounding are of Flannan Isle and related to the lighthouse keepers that disappeared.

View publication prototype
Spreads from the books showing typographic details that express the narrative
Spreads from the books showing typographic details that express the narrative
Spreads from the books showing typographic details that express the narrative
Spreads from the books showing typographic details that express the narrative
Spreads from the books showing typographic details that express the narrative
The entrance to the exhibition
One of the more informative walls in the exhibition, providing bite size pieces of information and making it easier for the viewer to consume
An example of the image scale used at the exhibition to grab the viewers attention. The names are revealed in full when the audience stands back from the display
The exhibition wall shows how we could use the space of longer areas and other graphic devices that linked to the theme