BA Fashion Design with Promotion


I want my brand, Hondo to showcase how I feel about the fashion industry, I am very anti-industry and against fast fashion, I don’t like trends and the throwaway culture that comes from that. In response, my range aims to be as sustainable as possible, constructed with items found in charity shops such as curtains, blankets and tea towels. I also want to include some reworked items into my collection, I think it’s a good way of giving old clothing a new life. My aim is to have a very basic range but made using materials that give it a more quirky twist. The type of people I would target my range towards will be those who are aware of the damages caused by fast fashion, those who have an interest in vintage fashion and people who like to wear what they like which often will not conform to the 'norm'.

Made from upcycled souvenir tea cloths, pre-loved garments and curtain fabric