PGDip/MA in UX Design & Applied Innovation

Kiddie Wheelz (School Bus App)

In designing the Kiddie Wheelz school bus app, my aim was to create a convenient and user-friendly solution for parents to manage their children's transportation to and from school. The app was designed with the intention of simplifying the entire process, from tracking the bus in real-time to communicating with the bus attendant and managing bus fees. The main goal of the app is to provide parents with peace of mind by ensuring the safety and security of their children during their daily commute. By offering features such as real-time bus tracking, parents can easily keep track of their child's location and stay informed about any delays or route changes. The ability to communicate with the bus attendant through the app also enables parents to address any concerns or issues promptly. The app is specifically tailored for parents who have children using the school bus service. It provides them with a convenient and centralized platform to access important information, communicate with the relevant stakeholders, and stay updated on their child's transportation.

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Culture Quest: Diversity at Your Fingertips

We wanted to make learning about different cultures fun for kids. Sometimes, school can be boring with too much reading and not enough doing. So, we thought, why not use games? Games are fun, right? And they can teach kids a lot! When playing games, kids get feedback right away, so they can learn and fix their mistakes quickly. Plus, games can help kids think better because they need to solve problems and make decisions. So, we came up with a VR game that teaches kids about cultures from different countries. The game is made of mini-games, each showing a different part of a culture. For example, in one game, kids can learn about different foods from around the world. The best part is that the game is safe. It's not completely online, and only four kids can play together at a time. Our project makes learning about the world fun and exciting. It's like a virtual trip around the globe, right from the comfort of home!

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