BA Animation

Robo Wars

When duty meets play, two robots spark chaos in a galaxy far, far away. The SS. NOVA was midway through its mission to the Andromeda galaxy, when malfunctions with its oxygen supply forced the crew to abandon ship. Unaffected by the lack of oxygen, two maintenance robots continue to carry out their cleaning duties for a further 124 days. Amidst the monotony, one of them discovers a long-forgotten ball. Curiosity takes hold, and what begins as an innocent game, quickly escalates into a hilarious chain of mishaps. 'ROBO WARS' is a delightful animated short-film that combines slapstick comedy, interstellar mischief, and nods to the iconic Star Wars saga. It showcases that fun can be had in even the most unexpected parts of the galaxy.

Final Film - Robo Wars


C-Sweepio character design
R2-Dyson character design
Concept sketch of ship's interior
S.S. Nova - exterior
S.S. Nova - interior
S.S. Nova - interior
C-Sweepio in action
R2-Dyson in action