BA Animation

Lights Out Sailor

Lights Out Sailor is a nominated sting for Animation Dingle. An Phiast manages to get a job as a lighthouse keeper off the coast of Dingle. The fact that the job would consist of him standing around was a nasty surprise. As such, he decides to take a short nap. One faulty light later, an Phiast is having a lot of fun with his shadow which is being cast on the nearby cliffs. A local fisherman was unlucky enough to witness this and was running home early.

Dingle sting


Storyboarding and Animatics reel

Rock Illuminated by the light
Phiast design
Tall lighthouse

Smarter Travel winning film

An animated short for the Smarter Travel Student Awards 2023. Explores how a journey by car can easily turn into a headache when traffic gets in the way, inspired by the traffic problems at Port Road, Letterkenny at the time. A group project with Michaela, Shaun and Emer

Smarter Travel - Best Animation 2023

Cyclist cuts through the smoke
Driver hits the brakes

ATU Sting - Charicature