BA Graphic & UX Design

Project work: Skoolbag App / Netflix Advertising / ISTD

Project 1: We were asked to create a solution to the problem: During the Covid 19 pandemic, parents, teachers, and children struggled with online learning. So, I created a mobile interface called ‘skoolbag’ that is designed to be a place where children can work, play, socialise and achieve. Project 2: A response to the D&AD brief set by Netflix: Non-English Language Content - Great stories are universal. My outcome satirises the challenges people face around watching subtitles in movies and TV, and highlights the great stories people are missing out on. Project 3: A response to the ISTD brief putting things in order. My outcome, The Marvel Order, is a comic inspired piece discussing the different ways the MCU movies can be watched.

Netflix: Great Stories are Worth It.The Marvel Order page by page walkthrough.
skoolbag: an all-round online learning mobile interface, designed for primary schoolchildren
Mental heath was a priority when creating skoolbag, now children can chat and playsafely from home
With skoolbag children can complete their work online removing the need for printing, and achievements recognises your children progress and drives them to achieve
skoolbag: now your children can get all the benefits of the classroom from the comfort of their homes
The history of the MCU
Release date order: Phase 1 - I made custom icons to represent each movie using a retro comic book colour palette
Timeline Order: custom graphic to visually represent a timeline

Desk Mobile App - Work placement

Placement: During my placement in Teamwork Cork, I was tasked with improving the UX & UI of their mobile app Desk. These are some images of the app improvements I made.

Improvements made to rich text editor: highlighted most used editing options, hid less used options under dropdowns, larger touch targets and made use of full page
Improvements made to the tickets section: More mobile friendly, larger touch targets, less visually cluttered by moving least used components under more options and dropdowns.