BA Graphic & UX Design

Work Placement – UX Project for a Live Client

I was tasked by Real Media Group to redesign their software for my 12 week work placement. I was excited to get the opportunity to be involved in a real-life design environment with 2 other designers, a web developer and the branch manager. The project was a SaaS website that had been described by clients of Real Media Group, as a “Beta version”. I worked closely with the team and we came up with this new design. I created an Icon set and a full component library all within Figma. We got the project to the final stages so that we could hand it off to the developer to bring it to life by just using the new “Dev Mode” within Figma.

View FluxPro Website Prototype
Final FluxPro SAAS Website design
A look at the new collapsible menus I have added to the workspace
The Pre-Pitch section that I revamped now includes 10 items per page without the need to scroll
The Users section now uses multi-chips for options as we have used elsewhere on the site
A look at a few of the screens I designed for the FluxPro redesign

ISTD – Putting Things in Order

This project tasked us with creating a book based on the theme of the Significance of Numbers. I decided to base my project on how humans have observed and recorded time down through the centuries. I did a lot of research on how humans have recorded months, days, years and hours. From 13-month calendars to sand and water clocks that measured hours it was a great learning experience. This project required that I create a 40-page book. I tried to limit the colours to 3 and I aimed to use numbers in various ways that wouldn’t appear repetitive.

Advertising Project Video (Mio - Liquid Hydration)
A look at the front cover and a selection of pages from within my ISTD project
4 Inside spreads from my project on “Putting things in order”
Use of the letter F for France with the contrast of the white negative space on black
I used zeros in a pattern to create a background here
Large bold numbers falling off the page with the same numbers creating a border of green
Bright Green stealing the show on this spread for 2018, it has a modern feel
All 3 colours used here in this spread, I like gave the large numbers a shadow effect