BA Graphic & UX Design

ISTD – Putting Things in Order

For this project, we had to look for obscure ways people have put things in order. I decided to base my project on Zodiac signs. This project allowed me to learn more about astrology and zodiac signs while exploring typography. My intensions for this project was to create an interesting typography style and experiment with different styles. I decided to split the zodiac signs into four different sections. These sections were Air signs, Water signs, Earth signs and Fire signs. I also decided to put the different characteristics of each sign in the sections. I decided to use two different fonts in this project. My primary font was Yeseva One. I choose this as I thought it suited my design the most and it wasn’t too decorative. For my secondary font I choose Lora as I found this font to be more legible and it suited better for the small paragraphs of text.

Front and back cover of The Zodiac Signs book.
The Zodiac Signs book contents page.
Information on Zodiac signs.
The Air signs.
Aquarius spread.
Earth signs.
Taurus spread.
Fire signs.
Aires spread.
Water signs.
Cancer spread.
Compatability spread.