BA Graphic & UX Design

D&Ad competition – Lead the way through type-led activism: Men's Mental Health

Mens Mental Health – this project focused on a call to action on a local/global issue through social activism with the use of typography. I focused on speaking to men with the use of humourous statements/quotes, emojis and passionate/positive colours. My goal was to get men to speak up about their mental health due to the fact not enough men speak up about their mental health because they don’t want to be seen as vulnerable

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Men's Mental Health campaign poster 1.
Men's Mental Health campaign poster 2.
Men's Mental Health campaign poster 3.
Men's Mental Health Instagram campaign posts.
Men's Mental Health campaign billboard.

Brand Identity Redesigns

Project 1: Barr Soda Logo Design/Brand Identity. We were asked to redesign a logo of an existing brand that had a poor/outdated logo design. I focused on the logo and packaging design from BARR soda, BARR had a very clear emphasis on passion for their work and products but they were the most passionate about their location. BARR is based in Scotland therefore I focused on Scottish heritage. I also created a simple a modern logo design to go along with their new authentic packaging design. Project 2: Ellen Johnston Logo Design & Social Media Strategy. This project called for working with a client, my client was a personal trainer. She wanted a more modern logo and social media platform that was unique and showed her brand personality.

BARR soda logo and Cola packaging redesign.
BARR cream soda packaging redesign.
BARR lemonade packaging redesign.
Ellen Johnston logo redesign.
Ellen Johnston apparel design.
Ellen Johnston apparel design.
Ellen Johnston Instagram slider post.