BA Graphic & UX Design

Déanta Brand Identity

The purpose of this project was to create a brand identity for Déanta which included logo, poster, brochure, graphic language and a website. The theme for this project was open but it required to be a fashion accessory brand. I introduced Déanta as a five-year business that produces fashionable and luxurious hats for women. Déanta is stand for being elegant, modern and luxury. Déanta aim is to make your everyday a hat day. Audiences are women who cares about their look, they are stylish, they express their beauty through their style. They would like to look confident, elegant, and beautiful. By using this particular typeface (Canvas-Regular), red wine colour (PANTONE 221 C) and using few illustrations with thin lines I built a modern and elegant brand.

Déanta brand overview.
Déanta logo.
Déanta Brochure.
Déanta Shopping Bag.
Déanta Graphic Pattern.
Déanta Poster.
Déanta Business Card.
Déanta Website.