BA Graphic & UX Design

Typographic practice - Putting things in order

I created a magazine layout for the Typography brief, titled ‘Putting Things in Order’. I based my project on the months of the year, using key occasions or events in each month as focal points for the typography. To make the project more unique, I produced a set of line drawings for each month which reinforced the identity of the work. In total there were three fonts in use across the layout. For the primary font, I chose, DK Scrawny Cat, mostly for its quirkiness and scalability. The secondary fonts were, Big Caslon and Optima, Big Caslon chosen for its clarity and effectiveness as a display font and Optima for its readability. My intention was to create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing project which would draw the attention of the viewer and provide key facts and information. I feel that I have met these objectives in this project using the elements described above.

Putting Things in Order, Months of the year Magazine
January Blues
February Valentines Day
March St. Patricks Day & April Showers
May the 4th be with you & June Summer Solstice
July Sun
August Virgo & September Autumn
October Halloween
November All Saints Day
December Christmas Trees