BA Graphic & UX Design

ISTD - A Colourful Story

In response to the 2022 ISTD brief labelled ‘A Colourful Story, this gave me the opportunity to explore, express the use of and the meaning and significance of a chosen colour. You had the chance to see how that chosen colour was perceived in the different cultures in society. The brief urged you to tell a story that no many of the public would know. The colour that I chose for my project was blue as this is my favourite colour and I implemented this colour in as many projects as I could in a lot of my projects. After much deliberation and research, I concluded that the journey of how the blue colour in Delftware became so prominent was my choice of topic. I then created an information booklet on what delftware was and then the booklet explored the different time periods that delftware had taken. This included The Netherlands in the 1500’s all the way to China in the 1600’s and then back to The Netherlands in the 1700’s. I found this project interesting, and I feel it tells a story.

Overview of the book.
Book front cover.
Contents page of book.
Introduction: What is Delftware?
Book spread: Delftware development across the centuries.
Book spread: Delftware deveopment across the centuries.
Book spread: Conclusions.