BA Fashion Design with Promotion

Jinny Juxx

Starting with a theme of “Freedom” my inspiration found its source within the culture of Native Americans. I have always been fascinated with their way of life, beliefs and traditions. Their use of patterns, colour and fabric manipulation which decorated their clothing and traditional ceremonial costumes have heavily influenced the design process for this collection. With a personal interest in illustration, with particular reference to 1930’s films and magazine posters, I brought a version of this style to complement the Native American look and give it a contemporary twist. Sustainability is a core value within my range and for me as a designer due to the devastating effects that the fast fashion epidemic has enforced on our environment. I aim, where possible, to give new life to once loved fabrics. My customer profile is someone who has a carefree nature, comfortable in their own skin yet with an eye for unique prints. They are a mature woman with time who has time to look about herself, they are a maximalist and take joy in experimenting with texture, print and colour. They like to layer their jewellery and a boast a bright lip. Iris Apfel is their style icon in so far as they emulate her fun and expressive take on fashion.