BA Fashion Design with Promotion

Less is a Bore

“Less is a Bore” , the collection is a reimagination of childhood nostalgia and freedom aimed at sustainability-conscious individuals who appreciate high quality craftmanship. Looking to the past to reinvent for the present, I have created pieces that are appealing both visually and texturally. Inspired by my own childhood memories and growing up in the early 2000s in Ireland, this collection embodies playfulness in every aspect. I was inspired by the way the characters dressed in my favourite movies and shows when I was growing up. I really liked how they layered different fabrics, textures and prints and how bizarre some of their outfits were. For maximal collectors, my range appeals to those who enjoy the thrill of own a one-of-a-kind piece that they know is truly their own. Looking at traditional Irish crafts, with an interest in fibre art, I was inspired to reimagine Aran knit by applying my own knowledge and skillset. Created using recycled materials, such as second-hand yarn, bedding and curtains, this collection was designed with sustainability at its core. Slow fashion practices allows me to focus on getting a high-quality finish on all my garments. Although I don’t have much control over availability for my fabric choices, designing pieces with second hand materials allows for an endless stream of creativity meaning that there will be a unique response to each garment.