BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Promotion

Angil D’Eire

My collection “Aingil D’Eire” meaning ‘Angels of Ireland’ was inspired by Irish culture and Irish dancing. I investigated Irish dancing and the dresses they wore, I found out that each dress was constructed specifically to ensure the dancer’s looked their best when on stage. By placing the embellishments in a certain way, it presented the illusion of a slimmer body. If the dancer had arms that was not in keeping with the look preferred by Irish dancing judges, the designers of the dress would adopt techniques such as the use of dark coloured sleeves with the intention of disguising any issues. Along with the techniques used to create these dresses they also made each dress sparkle and beautiful. With that inspiration in mind, I aim to create dresses that will inspire women to feel as confident as they can when wearing a piece from this collection. With corset designed dresses to give a flattering touch, tulle fabric to bring out the inner girlie girl, along with a hint of sparkle, women can feel their best version of themselves. This collection is specifically designed to flatter the body to its best possible shape. The placements of the embellishments are engineered to accentuate the curves of the body or emphasis a narrow waist.

Tweed Project - Working with remnant fabrics from McNutt's and Magee's.