PGDip/MA in UX Design & Applied Innovation

Lighthouse Clinic

For this project we had to choose an existing interface to redesign. In this instance I choose to redesign the ‘Lighthouse Clinic’ desktop website. This site currently, has an abundance of issues including, its use of background imagery which has effectively reduced legibility, its treatment of type and a general lack of both contact information and that, on the services they offer. Subsequently, these issues and questionable design choices have not only severely reduced the sites usability but could also undermines the clinics credibility. In response, I have created a clear and consistent graphic language for the clinic, in the hopes of it being perceived as more credible, friendly and modern. This included a new logo, typefaces and the consistent use of line which features throughout the site. To increase usability the homepage has been designed to give a brief overview on the clinic, its process, services and team. This has been presented using progressive disclosure to ensure the relevant information is quickly accessible to the user. Additional information and features have also been added such as contact information and testimonials which further underpin the clinics credibility. Users can also now book appointments online, catering to those who may be somewhat apprehensive in ringing.

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