BA Fashion Design with Promotion

The New Work Wear

This collection entitled ‘The New Work Wear’ presents a series of ‘artistic uniform’, designed as a spirited blend of play and dedication. Each look represents a visual language that offers beauty through functionality, echoing the marriage between the art and the artist, and the role of the clothing they inhabit while creating. ‘The New Work Wear is also an ode to the generations of Irish craft that have gone before -Taking inspiration from fishing apparel, shirt making and weaving, combining to showcase a study of handcraft and the nurturing respite it brings to the world. Using a blend of recycled and heavily functional materials, such as remnant leather, shirting and denim this collection is designed for creative practise; Intricate and purposeful, allowing for creativity in real time and a sense of freedom that seduces the creative spirit inside us all. This collection appeals to the young creative - designed for the new work-life rhythms of modern life. ‘The New Work Wear’ reflects where we have come from as artists and where I believe we are going.

The New Work Wear Collection - circular design: constructed with upcycled garments and leather off-cuts.
'The New Work Wear' Mood Board
Fashion Illustration - Part One
Fashion Illustration Part Two