BA Fashion Design with Promotion


My journey of inspiration came from the word ‘evolution’; the evolution of mankind from ape to modern man, which posed the question of how humans would evolve further. What sort of features would we develop that we don’t have today? From asking questions like these, I began to consider the human anatomy, taking inspiration from vein paths and internal organs including the heart. I considered combining the research on human anatomy with my conceptual vision on futuristic human form to influence the design decisions for the collection. My collection could be described as event/ party wear statement pieces targeted for women aged 18 to 25. This range is niche as it combines vibrant colour and intricate hand beading, with figure-hugging design featuring asymmetric lines and cut outs. Bringing all of these elements together makes for pieces that will stand out in a crowd with a fierce and confident style. The aim is to bring back statement fashion, for two years people have had to stay at home, living in lounge wear and unable to socialise. It is time to step out into life again and make a statement, this is exactly what this collection was made to do. I chose beading and figure-hugging design as a way of celebrating the human form and celebrating the freedom we now have as a society. My brand, Stella Maris, stands for the freedom to express oneself and being confident in that expression. The developmental journey a person makes in the early stages of their life shapes the person that they become in the future. Stella Maris, as a brand, wants to provide the means for those people to express their personal journey by creating stand out pieces that bring confidence and a individuality to anyone who wears them.

Evolution - The Collection