BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Major Project - Nothing Purrsonal

The domestic cat is a mysterious companion. Intelligent with keen senses, cats are easily the perfect killing machine, but at the same time, very cute. However, history has been unkind to cats, and there is still a lingering cultural stigma about cats today. The aim of this project is to celebrates cats and shifts the perspective of cats to something more positive, in a playful, but informative tone of voice. This project is for anyone who likes cats, but it’s also an attempt to win over people who dislike them. This project consists of a funny book about cats, an illustration series and cat themed merchandise.

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A mock-up of the front and back cover of Nothing Purrsonal book
An introduction to cat breeds and joking about how most cats are inbred
Eight popular cat breeds and jokes about each cat
Spread about cats being worshipped in Egypt and how they still think they are gods today
Black cats are not bad luck, this superstition is ridiculous
Coasters with cat illustrations and jokes
“One who sits on a throne simply must have an audience” t-shirt
“Don’t be hissterical” sweater
“Sour puss” tote bag
Mock-up of ‘Nothing Purrsonal’ website on mobile
Pages from the book

ISTD - Mother of Sci Fi: How Mary Shelley Shaped the World

Frankenstein is an 1818 novel written by Mary Shelley, telling the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who succeeds in creating life. However, this is not the perfect specimen he imagines, but a monster, who is rejected by Victor and mankind. Mary Shelley’s publication, Frankenstein, resonated with me due to its themes of alienation, monstrosity, and dangerous knowledge. My objective was to delve into the symbolism within her writing, with an aim to uncover Mary Shelley’s life and what shaped this narrative. Upon reading Frankenstein, I noticed Shelley’s life was intertwined throughout the novel. Shelley’s influences and symbolism throughout the book stood out to me. I discovered that Shelley was the first female author to explore the dangers of playing with the unknown sciences of her era, making her the ‘Mother of Sci-fi’. My aim is to celebrate this title by taking the reader on a journey into the mind of Mary Shelley. The target audience consists of Sci-Fi and gothic horror fans. Feminists would find this document interesting because Mary Shelley and her mother helped pave the future for women’s education and literature. People with interest in Frankenstein and Shelley’s life would find this document interesting and educational.

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The exposed book spine, hand-stitched together into a combination of a Coptic and French link stitch
The shooting star that Mary Shelley’s parents watched just before her birth, as if the world was announcing the arrival of the ‘Mother of Sci-Fi’
Lord Byron, as man who was “Mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Known to be scandalous and had a traumatic childhood
Castle Frankenstein, a place Mary Shelley visited before writing her novel. Shelley most likely heard the history of an eccentric alchemist who worked in the castle, and was rumoured to stitch together dead bodies in attempt to reanimate them
Front cover of ‘Mother of Sci-Fi’. The research of Giovani Aldini and how it connects to Frankenstein
Mary Shelley dreaming about her dead infant coming back to life, but then she wakes and faces the stark reality “AWAKE AND FIND NO BABY”
The year without summer illustrated with text as the volcanic as that led to the year-long winter