BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Radoslaw Domanski

Radoslaw Domanski


The Méadú campaign is an informational initiative aimed at encouraging farmers to plant trees and make use of government grants. Targeting farmers aged 25 to 70 and older, the campaign employs a multi-faceted approach to reach its audience. The campaign kicks off with a series of print posters strategically placed near agricultural supply stores and markets. These posters serve to pique interest and direct farmers to further resources. Younger farmers can visit the Méadú website,, to access comprehensive information on how and where to apply for government grants. The website serves as a central hub for information and application guidance. To cater to older farmers, an informational booklet has been created as a supplement to publications like the Farmers Journal. This booklet provides detailed insights into the grant application process and serves as a handy reference guide. Furthermore, the campaign promotes its message through branded merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, water bottles, and working gloves. These items not only serve as promotional tools but also foster a sense of community and pride among farmers.

Poster “Two Generations”
Poster “Lowest area in EU”
Poster “Lisa testimonials”
Poster "Fox"
Dark green owl
White hoodie with Méadú logo
Orange hoodie with fox
Mug with rabbit
Mug with deer
Working gloves
Water bottle
Green T-shirt with text
Main website page
Website: simple steps
Website: each step
Light green logo
Rabbit with leaf
Hedgehog with stump
Moth with dandelions
Fish with air bubbles

ISTD - The Silk Road: Tea Odyssey

The Silk Road, Tea Odyssey” is a carefully crafted design intended for readers ages 13 and older. Consisting of seven carefully crafted chapters, each embellished with evocative quotes strategically placed to guide readers through the narrative, this guide is an engaging exploration of the world of tea. From tracing the historic journey of the legendary Silk Road to discovering the intricate tapestry of tea varieties and flavours, from detailing the art of brewing to deciphering the diverse tea-drinking customs around the world, each page promises a captivating journey of discovery. The charm of tea, its rich history and its diverse nature captured my imagination and pushed me to delve deeper into its countless dimensions. Through research, I have tried to present this captivating topic in a compelling and accessible way, inviting readers to embark on their own tea odyssey. Moreover, when creating the visual identification of the guide, I was inspired by the vivid colours of Arab countries, giving the pages colours reminiscent of their rich culture and tradition. These colours not only evoke a feeling of warmth and hospitality but are intended to serve as an immersive experience of the tea journey depicted in the pages of the book

Example of chapter
Historical aspects of the tea journey come from East to Western civilisation
Black tea production process
Tea brewing process
The tradition of drinking tea in different countries
Benefits of drinking tea