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In this day and age, women’s mental and physical health is not discussed enough. Throughout a women’s life, their health and well-being are a very big disruption. Some women do not feel comfortable or confident in their lives. Due to this I decided to develop an app that is dedicated to empowering and educating women on their health and wellness. This app offers a safe environment for women to connect with others, learn from others, and even share with others.

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ISTD — Laugh your way to wellness

After choosing the ISTD, “Joybringer” brief, I created a book about laughter yoga. The laugh your way to wellness book was created to encourage people to use laughter as an everyday joybringer. Many people know about hatha yoga (which is the term used for generalised yoga), hot yoga and even goat yoga, but not many people know about laughter yoga. This book delves deeply into the topic of laughter, including its various forms, psychological and physiological impacts, and effects. It also discusses laughter yoga, what it is, its creator, and the health benefits that laughter offers to the body and mind.

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Throughout the book there are quotes by well-known people about the importance of laughter
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