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Farahnaz Sharifi Doherty

Farahnaz Sharifi Doherty


Parents with younger kids often struggle with routine due to their busy schedules, numerous responsibilities and the influence of technology. Establishing and maintaining consistent routines and writing down routines becomes challenging amid the chaos of daily life. Some parents also have a lack of awareness regarding the significance of routines and the potential long-term impact on their child's future. This lack of understanding, combined with the complexities of daily demands, contributes to the considerable struggle in building and adhering to routines for many parents – especially new parents. The goal is to raise awareness among new parents about routines, offering helpful tips and fostering connections with other parents. We also provide platforms for accessing routine templates and facilitating the buying and selling of their own templates.

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ISTD - The Joy of Play

“The Joy of Play” is in response to the ISTD Joy Bringer brief. We were tasked with selecting a subject capable of bringing happiness and joy to people’s lives, one that they can readily incorporate into their daily life. The strategy is based on the understanding that in today’s fast-paced and stress-filled world, adults often overlook the significance of play in their lives. In fact, many have forgotten about this inherent gift that not only brings joy and happiness, but also aids in stress reduction, boosts creativity, problem solving abilities, strengthens social connections and improves overall mental and emotional well-being. By choosing to focus on this subject, the aim is to reignite a sense of joy, spontaneity and creativity in the lives of audience.

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