BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

On Dark Tides

1650-1730 was the golden age of piracy. When people think of pirates, they often think of people who live a life of adventure, danger, thrills and exploration, or they think Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean! But the reality is that history is much darker that we think. Nowadays we have a great deal of historical evidence that points to the true atrocities that were committed by the majority of pirates – murder, theft, arson, and torture were common among these people of the sea. “On Dark Tides” aims to get people interested about the real pirates of the sea through play.

Game box design inspired by historic maps of the Caribbean.
The game cards – highlighting the life of historic pirates.
Coin design for the On Dark Tides game.
The On Dark Tides book is included with the game. This book has more information about the lives of famous pirates.
Book spread: The life of Mary Read.
Book spread: The tragic end of Black Beard.
Book spread: The life of Henry Morgan.
On Dark Tides merchandise hoodies.
On Dark Tides merchandise phone case.
On Dark Tides social media promotion of the game.

ISTD – Unveiling the Shadows of Innsmouth

My publication is a redesign of H.P Lovecraft’s Shadow Over Innsmouth. The main character’s emotional turmoil in the original book inspired this use of space to create a sense of unease. There is also a limited colour scheme of white, black, and a blueish-green, which evokes a connection to the sea as the story is set in a seaport town. There are two fonts employed: Minion Pro with it’s clarity for the main body text, and Acumin with it’s more modern style for titles, captions, headings, and subheadings. There are also die cuts and transparent paper stock thoughtfully incorporated into the book’s design in an aim to heighten the fear factor.

Book spread: An introduction to the life of HP Lovecraft.
Book spread: An introduction to the life of HP Lovecraft.
Book spread: An introduction to the life of HP Lovecraft.