BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Game Changers

Discrimination is still a factor in society today despite the many campaigns launched yearly to combat the issue. Discrimination in sport, particularly football, is on the rise again and we need to change the ideology that surrounds this behaviour and educate people on the effects of discrimination. A new approach is to create a campaign that will tackle this at ‘grass roots’ level and help implement a better understanding of cultural and racial differences at a young age, preparing our children for a better future where everyone is equal and respect for others is natural. Game Changers is a multifaceted campaign that speaks to two different audiences using the same core message, ‘Lets tackle this together’. The campaign encourages football clubs and their supporters to help end discrimination and share the messaging using customised ‘Club packs’ which feature the club’s crest and team colour palettes on carefully structured print and social media posters. The younger generation are also catered for in the campaign with the launch of an illustrated book featuring a cartoon football team called the Rabonas, who learn the benefits of their uniqueness in a story called ‘The Shapes Cup’.

The Rabonas book –The Shapes Cup, Front & Back Cover
The Rabonas Book – Title page
Book spread –The Perfectos
Book spread – Starzy, the Rabonas striker scores
Customised poster campaign for Derry City by Game Changers featuring the call to action – 'Let’s tackle this together’.
Rabonas merchandise – Cushion design featuring Mazie from the Perfectos
Rabonas merchandise - mugs
Game Changers T-Shirt
Customised junior wristbands
Rabonas merchandise - cap featuring Blox the Perfectos goalkeeper

ISTD - The Salvation of Mina (Bram Stoker’s, Dracula reimagined)

I chose Dracula written by Bram Stoker for my ISTD Typography project primarily because of my liking of horror novels and movies. Dracula resonated with me mostly because of the supernatural themes present in the book and the vulnerability of his victims (and readers) and the feeling of powerlessness against the dark forces. What stood out mostly for me was the battle that Mina fought against Dracula to remain mortal was very similar to the battles that were being fought in the late 19th century by women striving to etch out a better existence for themselves. This was reflected both at home in Ireland, where Stoker drew great inspiration from, and in England where he then resided. The Salvation of Mina is what I imagined as the battle for women’s rights in the 1890’s.

The Salvation of Mina – Dracula re-imagined. Front Cover.
The Salvation of Mina

The Salvation of Mina – inner pages
The Salvation of Mina – inner pages
The Salvation of Mina – inner pages
The Salvation of Mina – inner pages