BA (Hons) Graphic & UX Design

Uncover the Truth

Most people have few doubts about the information they are exposed to, which leaves room for those who make false statements to operate. It is hard to understand how much the world relies on the media, so making people aware and teaching them how to recognize false information is the goal. My aim was to build an App that can help people stay away from the harm of false information on the Internet, and establish a platform through the App that allows people to share and highlight false information. The objective is make people aware of the harm of false information by designing and producing some works with easy to spread characteristics, as well as teach people methods to help them become their own gatekeepers of information. The target group of my project is the Internet crowd aged 20-45, whether they are students or practitioners, who are often active on the Internet, often get information or socialize and kill time on the Internet.

View App on VimeoView App prototype in Figma
App Design Framework.
App function introduction, promotional posters, page display, colour palette, and app icons.

ISTD – Mapping the World

I chose this topic and around the map I made a culturally relevant map. The content of the book tells the history of the development of ceramics in China. Because the development history of ceramics can show part of Chinese history from another side or viewpoint. I compiled my cultural map according to the characteristics of different eras and social outlooks, as well as the characteristics of porcelain. I selected some key words that can represent the development of the era at that time and pieced together a complete map through font transformation and patterns. The outline of each map is the geographical territory of the dynasty at that time. Using this method can make readers who are interested in Chinese ceramic culture more concise and clear, and quickly understand the approximate development process of ceramics.

6 different cultural maps represent different eras of China.
A fully put together cultural map, as well as an introduction to the dynasties.
A range of spreads from the book.
Spreads from the book and an example of the bookbinding, using hard shell plastic binding.