BA Graphic & Digital Design

Work placement - WiSAR Lab & Technology Gateway

I went to WiSAR Lab & Technology Gateway for my 12 weeks work placement as part of the course. During the placement, I mostly worked on editorial design. For the first 8 weeks, I worked on the LYIT Research Highlights 2021 report booklet along with Maria Gallagher and Tara Doherty which focused on some of the main research highlights that took place over the year in the college. Overall, there was a positive response back from everyone after it was released.

Work placement - Editorial design
LYIT Research Highlights Cover
LYIT Research Highlights Report
LYIT Research Highlights Report

Project work - Typography / Advertising

For the Typography module, I designed two books, one for Astrology which focused on each of the signs of the Zodiac and the other book was for Climate change to raise awareness of the rise of sea level and recycling. For the Advertising module, I chose the brief for Duolingo to try to get people back into the swing of learning a language again and that “it's as easy as having a cup of tea”. For the other Advertising project, I chose the topic of the gender pay gap and how men are “blind to see the pay gap” as the blindfold is blinding them to see it.

Duolingo Promo on Vimeo
Duolingo Posters
Gender Pay Gap advert
Astrology book
Gemini sign
Climate Change book
Reduce Page as part of a reduce, reuse, recycle information
Irish Poetry Ireland Symposium Stamp poster/advert
Carbon Neutral 2050 poster