BA Graphic & Digital Design

Work placement projects

Project 1: This project was my first major project undertaken during my time at Turas Branda. Ideate Ireland offers pre-accelerator courses to new graduates to help them advance their careers. The outcome focuses on the building blocks that Ideate Ireland provides. The outcome was a collaboration between myself and Clive Connaughton, founder of Turas Branda. Project 2: Vervantum help companies, public bodies and start-ups accelerate trade access into overseas markets. Vervantum needed an identity that represented the gap in the market that they take advantage of. The spaces in the logomark represent this gap and the overall bird shape symbolises the leap or flight one takes moving into overseas markets. This project was also a collaboration between myself and Clive Connaughton. Project 3: iMotors approached Turas Branda looking for a futuristic mascot to represent their intended leap into the electric motor industry. My outcome, the iRobot or LiLY ticked every box for iMotors and was approved by the brand but has yet to be launched as of May 2022 due time constraints. Project 4: This little mascot was created for an on the move coffee brand called Almany Blends. Also created during my time at Turas Branda the character Ben is intended to showcase the lighter and more fun side of their brand.

Logo & Wordmark for Ideate Ireland
Social media graphics for Ideate Ireland focusing on keywords and phrases used by the brand
Vervantum Logo & Wordmark
Brand assets of Vervantum
The iRobot & their facial expressions
Social Media posts featuring the iRobot for iMotors
Full set of iRobot character/emojis
Ben the Almany Blends Mascot
Ben being used on some brand assets with the Almany Blends logomark

Netflix - Non-English Language Content: Great Stories Are Universal

This was a D&AD Project with the goal of encouraging Netflix users to watch more non-English language content. My overall outcome focused on creating ‘fake’ subtitles to tell a new story on why Netflix users should watch more non-English language content and why it’s actually way easier than you think by using clips from the hit show Squid Game.

View outcome for the D&AD brief “Non English Language Content: Great Stories Are Universal” for Netflix